Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Explore Switzerland 2 - Aarebootle

Before you start reading this post, please visit this site about Aare first. You'll learn how does the real Swiss German look like :P

Next, please take into your consideration that photos below are really a masterpiece. Why?

First: There is a princess on each boat.

Second: These princesses, both, had a very difficult role: Hold several cans of beer while men were paddling and trying to save the rest of the crew.

Third: Everybody survived. And they lived happily ever after :) ...

Fourth: ... They survived, even the picture below shows their night before! One big applause for these brave employees of Nexplore AG!

Disclaimer: All alcoholic bottles and cans are only stage properties. Nobody got hurt during the photo shooting. All rights reserved. I love you, mom!