Sunday, August 14, 2016

Explore Switzerland 1 - Spiez

Spiez is a city on the shore of Lake Thun in Swiss canton of Bern. This city has a long and interesting history which can be seen in its medieval castle and church. Another characteristics of the city are beautiful vineyards on along the lake and fishing tradition. Moreover outdoor swimming pools are an attraction for tourists because of the picturesque landscape ...

From Spiez you can get to the other side of the Lake Thun and from there take a cable car to get to Niederhorn. You can see this mountain (on right) in the picture below.

Except the clean and organized look this city has you can walk through the nearby hills and vineyards. During this romantic walk you can see drones, pandas or knights with dinosaurs watching you from balconies of nearby houses :)

You can get to Spiez from Thun by bike, bus or take a train. The map below displays the terrain.

For more information about Spiez use Wiki or just Google it :) I LOVE it there.