Tuesday, July 26, 2016

6 Things To Do When Staying Abroad

Hello everybody!

It's been a while since the last time I wrote you and I deeply apologize for being so busy. Good news, finally I am here again, bringing some fresh adventurous stories, tips for places to visit and the top selection of actions from the last week.

Ready for reading? Fasten your seat belt, take a bucket of popcorn, we're taking off!

Switzerland haven't let me down once again and I spent some marvelous moments in Bern, Thun, Wimmis, Grindelwald, Spiez and some other places. Let's go through the highlights of the last days and tips for your travel adventures...

Picture from Grindelwald
1. Visit a football or any other game. If you are staying in Thun, Stockhorn Arena is a right place to go. Visiting a football game in a place you're currently staying abroad should not miss on your MUST-DO list, no matter if you currently live in London, Madrid or Thun. The atmosphere is always unforgettable and I am pretty sure you'll sing the fan-club's song for the rest of the evening.

Fan clubs create the right atmosphere
Tour de France took place in some parts of Switzerland
2. Accept invitations to any event, either it's a tea-session with grandmas, BBQ or a pizza party with your friend's father. Don't stay at home. You'll meet a lot of interesting people, get to know the local jokes or favorite videos on Youtube. You'll get integrated to the social life more quickly. Moreover you'll enjoy a lot of fun preparing food, gathering apricots, riding bikes and much more...

Picture from Spiez. I biked 44km that day.
3. Take care of your colleague's cats. This might sound silly and it is definitely not a thing you can do without a colleague who is leaving soon to the holidays (thanx, Roman!) but this is a good opportunity to get lost in the city while trying to find his house, discover new roads, look around and find some new nice places. Getting lost is always a good idea to see the city from inside, not just from a tourist's sight.

4. Go to Open Air cinema without knowing the weather forecast. It's possible you'll get a nice package with plastic raincoat. If it starts to rain it's a nice chance to enjoy a really funny moments when everybody starts to open the packages while there is a really important scene in tho movie. Nice smiles of people around, sharing spirit of the night with the rest of people in the cinema, that feeling that you understood one single joke from the movie, you'll remember this for the rest of your life.

5. Swim whenever and wherever possible. Floating on Aare river in Bern is the most exciting activity you can do with friends during hot summer days. The streams are quite strong but it is definitely worth it. Speak nothing of the dose of endorphin you'll get.  

Bird's perspective
Ferris Wheel in Thun with Pascal & Roman

6. Never miss an opportunity to speak foreign language. There are always nice opportunities to practice. Random people in the street will ask you for directions, or customers in a company you're working for will ask for spoons or sugar to their coffees. These are just simple small talks but few small steps equals one big step. Go ahead, read magazines, advertisements, comics, wherever possible.

People walk a long way and then "get onto waves"