Thursday, June 9, 2016

Web Check-In: Internship in Switzerland #2

My trip hasn't started yet and I've been already surprised with a complication, SkyWork Airlines provide web check-in only for flights departing from Bern, Basel and Split. Never mind, at least Switzerland took action and arranged a good weather on the day of my arrival.

Weather forecast for the next week in Bern. Ugh.
I received a photo of the nice people who will pick up me at the airport on Friday. Probably I should send them my photo too, I've changed my haircut since I sent my CV to the company. Or probably it would be enough to send my description: green huge luggage, short hair, headphones, thin sneakers, probably some leggings and a notebook backpack.

Probably I should return to drawing...

And by the way, this is my plane.
Thirty people on the board seems like fun.