Saturday, June 25, 2016

Thunersee and Aare: Swiss Social Life part. 2

Aare is the longest river in Switzerland flowing into Thun Lake and is very popular in hot summer days. I've already tried bathing in Aare on Friday evening when I biked with some friends to Schadau Park in swimming suits with towels to drink beer, chat and relax. Our next plan was to come home and have barbecue. 
Friday evening by Thunersee
Game Kubb is also known as Viking Chess or Swedish Chess. This game is a lawn game for two teams and the object is to knock over wooden blocks on the opposing side of the pitch. You can find more about Kubb here.

Of course that my team lose and of course we blame them for cheating :) In the picture below Beno is trying to hit Kubbs of the second team and Tim is bracing the tree up. That plum tree was an important part of our team considering that we put our sticks into its fence... x)
Beno and Tim
Here you can see the second team. Vera is a teacher in a primary school near Bern, she's 25 and dating Robi... He's a football player and was sleeping most of the time near the lake :) The young man in the middle is Gaudi, his original name is somehow different and comes from Romansh language but everybody calls him like that.
Wera, Gaudi and Robi
What I noticed is that the young people in Switzerland smoke really too much in comparison with Slovaks, and unfortunately not only tobacco. I found that quite disappointing because smoking and drinking is devastating for human body and mind. I take it as pure whim of youngsters who don't know what else could they do... 
Garden lanterns made the end of the day prettier