Saturday, June 11, 2016

Keine Ungeheuer: Internship in Switzerland #4

Today we had a brunch with my sister-in-law, my host family and their sons, so I could try the food we shopped yesterday. We had a table full of different kinds of cheese, juice, hams, breads and fresh strawberries. Except that, we had also eggs and a Switzerland food called Rösti. 
Rösti: Kartoffel-Spezialität der Deutschschweizer Küche

After the brunch I needed to go to the city and buy a Swiss Travel Pass. With this card you pay half-price of regular travel cost for bus, train, ship or even cable railway tickets. I spent a couple of miserable minutes in a passport photo booth speaking German. In such booths my face is completely unphotogenic. Never mind, it is valid only for one year... :)

Schadau Schloss in Thun
"Ich liebe Sonne ... und du?"
I also took a photo of the nicer part of the garden. Here rains a lot, so my little new friends are either escargots or fallen plums. Just kidding, the cat Padre Pio visited me today in the bathroom. If you're asking why, watch the video at the bottom of this blogpost :)
Der Schneck im Garten
This is a view from a kitchen window to the garden.
Click here and you'll see the video on my Google Drive
I am quite happy here, except I don't understand most of conversations. I catch the very basic key words, when people are talking about me, where are they going on holiday, what they are going to do today... And of course, they are using Hoch Deutsch when I am around. This morning Judith asked me how I slept. I said: "Keine Ungeheuer." Zum Glück. 
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