Friday, June 10, 2016

Here I come: Internship in Switzerland #3

I have finally some time to write a new blog post, but in a few minutes we are going to the city on bikes, there is some food festival or something. I am a little tired, because when I came to my new home, I took a shower, had a cup of coffee and we went shopping some vegetables for the dinner, so I was bearing a really heavy bag with some salad, carrots, hams etc.

I live really close to the city center, we walked around 15 minutes to the historic part of Thun. I saw the castle and also the church which are often shown on postcards of Thun.

We speak mostly English, but sometimes my host family speak in German if they cannot quickly recall the English word, so I guess that they will probably learn more English during my stay here. I always tell them the correct English word. It is funny, because I translate German words I sometimes didn't know before, I just understood them from the context.

This was waiting for me in my new room :)

The room is small but I have everything here (except a mirror). The wardrobes have enough space for two people I think :) And it is on the thirds floor, so it was a challenge to bring up the luggage.

Today was here also "Opa". He was working in the garden, so he gave me a few little strawberries. He is 86, but still really active. At least I could try my German, I say "Danke schön für die Erdbeere." :D

The garden is really interesting, full of fine art statues... I'll upload more pictures later, but it is worth to see it!

I really like it here, the first moments I was sitting on the terrace I decided to come back here.
And by the way, this is a cat called Padre Pio.
He sit to the lavabo when he is thirsty :D