Saturday, June 25, 2016

Grillfest: Swiss Social Life part. 1

This party weather lasted only four days but we used it to the last breath. Literally. On Thursday we had a "Sommerabend" with a discussion on design thinking which fluently changed to barbecue on a terrace.
Everybody was there, employees, customers and also competing business
We had a lot of interesting English-German discussions about habits in different countries. I met one colleague of mine and his father was also there. The son explained how normal fathers use to play football with their sons whereas his father gave him a computer saying: "Here... Code something."
Urs explaining why eating horses isn't immoral
Another colleague, Urs, has a wife from Asia. The next day at home we were guessing where is she exactly coming from, four of us were sitting at a table with an atlas, trying to remember any evidence that could suggest us her origin. We got to a conclusion that she understands Chinese and she might be from Taiwan...  
Andreas was really thirsty that evening
When it got really late and almost all visitors left, the conversation turned to English and to telling jokes. The man in the picture, Andreas, told a joke about an Italian man who went to Malta. I got home from work after 10 pm but this evening was really worth it. Good meals, nice people, beautiful weather and chocolate ice cream with a pink spoon ... :) 
Local chocolate ice cream