Monday, June 13, 2016

First Day At Work: Internship in Switzerland #6

My family a friends who know me better also know that I am really picky in eating. I usually don't eat red meat and prefer more vegetables, nuts, fruits and everything that is or at least seems vegan or vegetarian. It is not that I don't want to eat meat, it's just beef or pork are too hard to chew and my set of teeth is not half sharp as wild animals' fangs.
In the middle is the postcard with a quatrefoil
Yesterday we made Chicken Curry in the evening, unfortunately I didn't have any camera with me to take a photo of it but it was really culinary experience. Today was my first day at work and I couldn't work at a better place.

When I came up there was a little present on my new desk. I got a welcome postcard wishing me good start, some decorative rose and a company bottle, a notebook and a pen.

In the evening I went to open a bank account, I needed just my ID, signed copy of contract and my current address in Switzerland. We went to Post Finance, I could pick out of four languages in which I wanted the contract (English, German, French of Italian). There is a monthly fee for working of an account, for Swiss it is 5 CHF and for foreigners 15 CHF more.
I already have my name on the mailbox
I came home quite late because of the bank and cooking some dinner... I came exhausted and feeling overdosed with German - I have to read a 265 pages long document in German, learn Angular.js plus remember names of all my colleagues, ugh. 
Nexplorische GrĂ¼sse :)
Even though I decided to eat less to no chocolate I had to take a piece in the evening. When you are abroad and hardly understand the language you will probably get better in perceiving other people's voice, face-play, gestures and any other non-verbal communication to help you understand what's happening around you. You can become watchful as a fox but when you come home your senses are stunned and down, so I started exercising 15 minutes Yoga. It makes me released from stress after the whole day and in the end I only feel tired, not exhausted anymore.