Sunday, June 12, 2016

Die Steckerdose: Internship in Switzerland #5

Yesterday I made a small trip to the Lake Thun in the evening. I was glad that after the rainy day sun appeared for a while, and as I was alone at home I decided to take a bike and take some pictures of the lake. 

Kirche Scherzlinken 

Schloss Schadau Thun

I was sitting on the wall and a man walking along remarked: "It's a beautiful place, right? Enjoy." :)

Thunersee und  Pyramidenartige Berg Niesen 

Das Stockhorn - ein 2190 m hoher Berg im Berner Oberland.

Iron Rose in our garden
I had a small problem with my laptop charger - the pins are thicker that the pins on cell phone or tablet chargers. Fortunately there was a reduction at home. Switzerland has its own standard (type J) but even the rest of the European outlets are very similar (type C, E, F), there is a little difference. This type is used exclusively in Switzerland and Lichtenstein. You won't have a problem with the most of your devices however if you're coming to Switzerland for a longer time with your electronic devices you should think about it. The difference in the picture is visible, pins on the upper plug are thinner.
Power plug and outlet. Switzerland has its own standards.