Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Chuchuchäschtli: Weird Things and Switzerland, part n+1

I looked like a panda today (edit: a wet panda), it rained when we were coming to the office from lunch. Anyway, now the sun is shining and in the next few days we should have around 30 degrees. So even we have a new female colleague at work and the code wasn't working today, there is still something positive... :)

... coming soon :D

By the way, one colleague of mine offered me to try a very special Swiss cake so I am adding a photo with a link to some recipe I googled.

Tuorta da Nusch - Engadiner Nusstorte
Then I am adding a very special word in Swiss German, it should mean something like a kitchen cupboard, see the link here. It's something like when we try to teach foreigners to say čučoriedka. Really funny.

Another interesting and very popular Swiss sport is Schwingen, it reminds me of ...maybe wrestling, but I am enclosing a link to Wikipedia article. 

The next and the last thing I'd like to write about today is a little bit more practical for anyone who ever worked or will be working with personal data. I run into a problem with sorting names of my colleagues. There are special rules for alphabetical ordering of names including van, von, de, san etc. I found this site really useful.

I hope that the rest of Europe enjoys the second day of summer and that the summer will finally visit us here in Switzerland too :) Stay happy.

Be happy and stay weird :P