Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Dark Side of Marketing - Breakfast Photo Stream

Sometimes I wonder about fails in marketing... Imagine you have a company producing biscuits. You put a smiling parrot on its cover to attract children, capture saying something like "Calcium" to convince doubtful mothers, give it a name for example "Chocky" so it sounds even more delicious and put a little red stripe that could help customers open the pack of biscuits. It looks like your marketing team meet all points of branding and positioning... You sit down in your office, put feet on a table, make a short break, open these delicious biscuits and suddenly you see it... Your cocky breakfast...

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Thunersee and Aare: Swiss Social Life part. 2

Aare is the longest river in Switzerland flowing into Thun Lake and is very popular in hot summer days. I've already tried bathing in Aare on Friday evening when I biked with some friends to Schadau Park in swimming suits with towels to drink beer, chat and relax. Our next plan was to come home and have barbecue. 
Friday evening by Thunersee
Game Kubb is also known as Viking Chess or Swedish Chess. This game is a lawn game for two teams and the object is to knock over wooden blocks on the opposing side of the pitch. You can find more about Kubb here.

Of course that my team lose and of course we blame them for cheating :) In the picture below Beno is trying to hit Kubbs of the second team and Tim is bracing the tree up. That plum tree was an important part of our team considering that we put our sticks into its fence... x)
Beno and Tim
Here you can see the second team. Vera is a teacher in a primary school near Bern, she's 25 and dating Robi... He's a football player and was sleeping most of the time near the lake :) The young man in the middle is Gaudi, his original name is somehow different and comes from Romansh language but everybody calls him like that.
Wera, Gaudi and Robi
What I noticed is that the young people in Switzerland smoke really too much in comparison with Slovaks, and unfortunately not only tobacco. I found that quite disappointing because smoking and drinking is devastating for human body and mind. I take it as pure whim of youngsters who don't know what else could they do... 
Garden lanterns made the end of the day prettier

Grillfest: Swiss Social Life part. 1

This party weather lasted only four days but we used it to the last breath. Literally. On Thursday we had a "Sommerabend" with a discussion on design thinking which fluently changed to barbecue on a terrace.
Everybody was there, employees, customers and also competing business

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Vorsicht, ... "schwer Deutsch"

Gestern hatten wir ein Grillfest
When Swiss people start to speak their language for me it's like "Banana banana banana" ...

Philip hat eine Gitarre gespielt
Christoph told me today:
"Viele Leute erkennen nicht, dass du nur schwer Deutsch versteht - schrieb es dir auf die Stirn."
... oder "schwer Deutsch"
"Auf meiner Stirne steht geschrieben: "Klein, dick und frech" ... es ist aber nur klein geschrieben! Weiter steht auf meiner Stirne: "Vorsicht, gutaussehender Mann!""

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Berner Mandelbärli: Sweetzerland

These tasty baked bears came from Bern to the company as a gift from a customer. They suddenly appeared yesterday, decorating the kitchen, but their short life was mercilessly aborted by starving developers... Look at their happy faces before fulfilling their destiny:
Ich bin das Ferien-Mandelbärli - immer braun :) 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Chuchuchäschtli: Weird Things and Switzerland, part n+1

I looked like a panda today (edit: a wet panda), it rained when we were coming to the office from lunch. Anyway, now the sun is shining and in the next few days we should have around 30 degrees. So even we have a new female colleague at work and the code wasn't working today, there is still something positive... :)

... coming soon :D

Friday, June 17, 2016

Meow: Internship in Switzerland #10

Good, first week in der Schweiz passed and I successfully survived. Here I add a list of things I found interesting during this week:
  • Low-floor bus with hydraulic "kneeling" device, which can be used when the bus is not in motion, tilting it or lowering it at the front axle even further, often down to normal curb height. When the bus stops at a bus stop, it "kneels" down so that people can get off more easily. If you've never seen it before (like me :)), you can watch this video
Edit: Some of you kindly noticed that this sort of buses drives also in several cities in Slovakia. I can't disagree. I've just never noticed that they used this device or, perhaps I was just in a wrong bus :) The thing I wanted to point out in this article was that such a small city like Thun has only this kind of buses whereas bigger cities in Slovakia use different types of vehicles and only few of them are able to kneel. And even if you noticed this feature (or bug xD) maybe you didn't know how it's called, so I'm just sharing a little (and for some of you also interesting) note about that.

Kneeling device is also used in buses in Thun

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Türöffner: Internship in Switzerland #8

This morning I went to work alone thus I made a little break and shot this pic. I've already sent a photo from a different point (by the lake) of this peak - Stockhorn.
My way to work

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Second Day At Work: Internship in Switzerland #7

Quite good today, we went to work by bikes so if it doesn't rain I make 11.2 km per day.
Office Swing in the middle

Monday, June 13, 2016

First Day At Work: Internship in Switzerland #6

My family a friends who know me better also know that I am really picky in eating. I usually don't eat red meat and prefer more vegetables, nuts, fruits and everything that is or at least seems vegan or vegetarian. It is not that I don't want to eat meat, it's just beef or pork are too hard to chew and my set of teeth is not half sharp as wild animals' fangs.
In the middle is the postcard with a quatrefoil

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Die Steckerdose: Internship in Switzerland #5

Yesterday I made a small trip to the Lake Thun in the evening. I was glad that after the rainy day sun appeared for a while, and as I was alone at home I decided to take a bike and take some pictures of the lake. 

Kirche Scherzlinken 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Keine Ungeheuer: Internship in Switzerland #4

Today we had a brunch with my sister-in-law, my host family and their sons, so I could try the food we shopped yesterday. We had a table full of different kinds of cheese, juice, hams, breads and fresh strawberries. Except that, we had also eggs and a Switzerland food called Rösti. 
Rösti: Kartoffel-Spezialität der Deutschschweizer Küche

Friday, June 10, 2016

Here I come: Internship in Switzerland #3

I have finally some time to write a new blog post, but in a few minutes we are going to the city on bikes, there is some food festival or something. I am a little tired, because when I came to my new home, I took a shower, had a cup of coffee and we went shopping some vegetables for the dinner, so I was bearing a really heavy bag with some salad, carrots, hams etc.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Web Check-In: Internship in Switzerland #2

My trip hasn't started yet and I've been already surprised with a complication, SkyWork Airlines provide web check-in only for flights departing from Bern, Basel and Split. Never mind, at least Switzerland took action and arranged a good weather on the day of my arrival.

Weather forecast for the next week in Bern. Ugh.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Just did it: Internship in Switzerland #1

My new JUST DO IT. leggings JUST DID IT, which means that this summer can officially start!

I passed all the final exams with three A s and two D s. Amazing result after all those months of desperate struggling, learning about entropy, agents, information, coding all nights and trying to find some time for social life in a new city I lived in. Now I can happily pack up my things and on Friday (bloody early) morning hit the road to Switzerland. 


Der sommer beginnt. Am Freitag gehe ich in die Schweiz.