Friday, April 17, 2015

MicroTargeting and Campaign Management - part II.

Today I would like to talk about what is A/B Testing and how is it used in Campaign Management.
 In great companies there is no place for mistakes, you can't use something, that is not verified and 100% (or at least 90% ) proven.

When a company do a campaign using emails, the aim of this process is clear. Imagine that you are a sales director. You need to draw attention to a new product, prevent your company from clients' leaving or attract new clients. You need to use all accessible sources and the strongest weapon is information about your clients.

Okay but How?

You (as the director of sales) need to establish some communication with your clients. Show them what else you have for them, they need the best offers, in other case they will easily leave to your concurrency. And that's what you do not want to.

So how do you create a campaign that will be certainly successful?

The A/B testing can be your potential solution. here is how A/B testing works:

Let's say you are doing an email campaign.

  1. You create multiple teplates. You do not already know, which one will be more attractive for your clients. So you decide to find out.
  2. You sent these emails with different text, pictures or signature to some percentage of your contacts, let's say 10%, with uniform distribution.
For example, if you have a database of email address with 1000 records and you create 4 different campaign emails, you sent these emails to 100 people. Form A to 25 of them, form B to other 25 of them, form C to next 25 or them and form D to the rest.

     3. You decide what will be the metric for measuring the successfullness of the campaign at                      selected sample of people. It can be clicking on a link or wathever possible to code. Also, you              must decide how long you will measure the interest in your email campaign.
     4. The last step is to compare results of those four forms. There will be one winner.                                  Congratulations, you can start your email campaign on the rest 90% of your contact database.

There are also another features of email campaigns, for example you can devide your clients to groups regarding their age, status, education level, skin color, gender etc. For each group of people is clearly interesting something else, let's say girls will react sooner to an email with ping background and butterfly picture than to motorcycle or skull pictures...