Sunday, April 12, 2015

"Ce soir je me fait un thè avec des petits biscuits."


Cyber Security is about how much we say.

Guys, recently I was doing a private small research about data security on social networks and I know this is kind of "surprising", but it amazed me how can Twitter tell so much about you. Except various statisics about usage of your devices for tweeting and links to other social networks (where people share the rest of their private life that has not been already posted on Twitter, lol), there is interesting list of infos.

Recently I was doing an analysis from Twitter data using some tools from Hadoop Ecosystem, and just from curiosity I looked closer to the data I got from Twitter API. I chose one tweet in French: 

"Ce soir je me fait un thè avec des petits biscuits.

and look what I've foud out.

This post was written by a girl called Sophie. She has a boyfriend, she is French and not so obviously like cooking and baking. She started to use Twitter in April 3rd in 2010 (like a lot of us, right?) and she has 126 followers. 

She didn't use her mobile devices for tweeting much, mostly she uses her laptop. I know colors of her profile, music she listen and much more. From that time on she writes 11 tweets per day in average. When we consider how much time it takes to write a tweet and to check notifications, we can consider our Sophie a quite "social-network addicted". However, she favorited only about 370 tweets, so she likes more attention about baking cookies and photos of her tea than giving her attention to others.

We can easily gess her age, we have links to her Instagram profile and some blogs, but I limited this info only to the data I got with her one posted tweet wandering through the network I was just catching data from. These data I found out were only metadata, so it doesn't matter, whether she deleted the tweet in the second she posted it or not. 

It doesn't matter whether she deleted all tweets she posted, or every photo she uploaded or removed from Twitter. I got her data. And I know about it.

"Ce soir je me fait un thè avec des petits biscuits. And I know what is she doing now and I'll know what she'll be doing tomorrow evening, where and who with. 

My special thanks belong to Sophie, her petits biscuits and her thè.