Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Backwards - Soul of The Beatles

This Christmas time is specific for every place in the world in its own way, however, one thing is some kind of cultural glue between these diverse habits. It's beyond doubt that Christmas is about love. All the gingerbreads, cinnamon and tangerines aren't just inevitable symbols of these days, they are definitely co-makers of peaceful and comfortable homes reminding us to enjoy the time spent with our beloved.

I think music is also contributing pretty substantially to creating this christmasy atmosphere and if I should choose from among all bands that ever existed on Earth which one is the best companion for this time, I would definitely pick The Beatles (and not Christmas carols, haha). If I didn't choose them before, I would certainly do it after the The Backwards concert in Prievidza last weekend.

The Backwards is Slovak music band performing original The Beatles' Music (I must have used capital M!). Their songs full of love and passion are right to be sung in December. That's probably reason why the band plans tour called Christmas with Beatles through whole Slovak Republic every year.

It is pretty problematic to book tickets even few weeks before the performance. It is desperately sold out during a day from release in bigger cities and hopefully you can discover some free spots in smaller ones like we have. The Backwards' concert is worth viewing more times, their sound, look and equipments are almost identical with real Beatles (I can't remember it, however there are poeple who can). They are winners of The Festival for Beatles Fans Battle of the Beatles Bands in New York City in 1998 and 2003 and Louise Harrison, sister of George Harrison after seeing The Backwards' performance told "After 30 years I have again heard the sound of The Beatles".

The atmosphere on the concert was very friendly, party-like and romantic at the same time. People were dancing in front of stage and "Paul" has very soft gaze, looking into eyes of every beatles-fan like he was one of us. They were playing two hours constantly, with minimum of speech, so that people could enjoy more songs. Their concert followed time eras of The Beatles with typical wardrobe, accent and lights.

If you didn't catch the concert line this year, I recommend to do it so the next one :) You won't regret.