Saturday, December 20, 2014

Let's Get Lost In (WhateverThisPlaceIsCalled) Game.

Zobrazuje sa IMG_0161.JPGSitting in train, dark outside, finally traveling home I wonder, whether so much time spent in trains was worth this trip to Vienna. I think the rumors about our neighbors' Christmas markets are a bit over rated. Maybe I'm too tired to appreciate the sun and friendly temperature we couhgt today. It was rare that temperatures reached this high numbers on December 19th past years. Also, the Orange punch tasted good.

We hadn't more than few hours to pass through Vienna, luckily, the place was never extremely attractive to me, so we could skip the typical tourists stations and a) go directly to Karlsplatz or b) get lost somewhere else.

We picked the second option so that Schonbrunn was The Place for getting lost. After my last visit of Venice the game Let's Get Lost In (WhateverThisPlaceIsCalled) became my favorite (or, at least, one of them).

I'm not quite sure whether I should say I am good or I am not good at playing the game. You know, I always find the right direction too quickly. It took me a lot of effort to find a way to miss the Technical Museum and direct road to the palace. Finally it looked like we could give our game meaningful goal - get to the highest tower we had seen.

Nearby we found this fancy piece of art which I consider to be good enough to fill my hunger for discovering something that was not already seen by my eyes. I remember those time I had tendency to become an artist in any way that an ordinary person can become an artist. From writing poetry, dancing and painting surrealistic pictures ... I also went through ideas of becoming an architect or fashion designer. This statue from doors made me feel that studying Computer Science was more perspective option O:)