Saturday, December 20, 2014

Let's Get Lost In (WhateverThisPlaceIsCalled) Game.

Zobrazuje sa IMG_0161.JPGSitting in train, dark outside, finally traveling home I wonder, whether so much time spent in trains was worth this trip to Vienna. I think the rumors about our neighbors' Christmas markets are a bit over rated. Maybe I'm too tired to appreciate the sun and friendly temperature we couhgt today. It was rare that temperatures reached this high numbers on December 19th past years. Also, the Orange punch tasted good.

We hadn't more than few hours to pass through Vienna, luckily, the place was never extremely attractive to me, so we could skip the typical tourists stations and a) go directly to Karlsplatz or b) get lost somewhere else.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Backwards - Soul of The Beatles

This Christmas time is specific for every place in the world in its own way, however, one thing is some kind of cultural glue between these diverse habits. It's beyond doubt that Christmas is about love. All the gingerbreads, cinnamon and tangerines aren't just inevitable symbols of these days, they are definitely co-makers of peaceful and comfortable homes reminding us to enjoy the time spent with our beloved.

I think music is also contributing pretty substantially to creating this christmasy atmosphere and if I should choose from among all bands that ever existed on Earth which one is the best companion for this time, I would definitely pick The Beatles (and not Christmas carols, haha). If I didn't choose them before, I would certainly do it after the The Backwards concert in Prievidza last weekend.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Active English Vocabulary

How can Big Data can help us learn was the second biggest social network in the world in 2012. By the time many of similar networks came up and proved us unquestionable strength of them and their developers. As the time goes by, human kind produce much more data than ever before. A few years ago data scientists started to discuss a huge bang called "Big Data". That means sets of data bigger than casual databases based on relational algebra could handle very easily.