Thursday, November 20, 2014

PolyConf: the Most Impressive Conference

Few weeks ago I attended certainly the most (or one of the most) impressive conferences I have heard about - Polyconf in Poznan, Poland. I took some notes about the event, during travel across Poland, during lectures and during late night hours in bed after exhausting day, because I wanted to write about this on my blog, so let's start with a brief introduction, before you switch to the next article which is about iPad Mini I've got recently.


PolyConf is "a two-day, single track, multi-disciplinary conference on advanced technologies for programmers interested in polyglot approach to software development. " and their goal " is to foster exchange between programming languages."

Poznan (place where this event happened) is one of the oldest and also biggest cities in Poland. Before the trip, when I browsed the web searching for some informations about the city and its cultural nodes worth visiting, I would compare Poznan's architecture I've seen on photos to Venice. Both cities have their particular atmosphere and both remember their long history.


After one hour delay from departure place because of sudden technical reasons (changing car battery) we left Zilina (city in north of Slovakia). The trip lasted for much more longer than Google Maps said due heroic work of road-menders in Czech Republic and thanks to a highway that has not been in Sygic navigation yet.

We enjoyed the countryside, and so the toilets on highways enjoyed broken water pipes and angry people leaving. And after relatively quick sight-seeing of McDonald's restaurants along the way we passed few villages covered in domestic smoke and got to Poznan.


Was in older part of the city (which is pretty old) so that it was reasonable there is great problem with parking spots everywhere. The hotel was called Stare Miasto (what means -surprisingly- Old City. Polish are jokers, right?). Instead of paying for the whole night you let your car in a shopping centre's parking area you pretend to lost your ticket, what s essentially cheaper than parking over ten hours in guarded space underground.


Was outstanding. I've never seen so many professionals or fans of technologies sitting whole two days in lecture hall listening to the lectures with such a great interest. There was number of extraordinary topics, you can watch records from PolyConf at PolyConf YouTube channel (don't worry to click, it will open in new tab).


  • Polish are hyperactive people able to wear ghostly costumes on Halloween despite of their culture which really don't follow this habit officially.
  • Polish like to eat green leaves from some plant similar to dandelion. We got those green leaves to almost every meal we ordered, it was in baguettes, in breakfast menu and almost on pizza.
  • Gas price in Poland means 200 kilometres driven more than in Slovakia. (If I didn't mention it yet.)
  • I was probably again the only one woman on the Polyconf (excepting the organizers and those who had a speech). 
  • Code Poetry is popular way (only among programmers, of course) of writing poetry in code. Google it.