Thursday, November 20, 2014

LaTeX Tutotial I. - How to run TeX on Windows

1. Use this link or just use Google to find "TeX live windows" and try to match something similar to this

2. Download the .zip file and extract it somewhere on your computer

3. Meanwhile run or download your Eclipse IDE

4. Run the .bat file and then the installation will start
just hit next a few times...

and wait a few minutes ... or a little bit longer.

5. Meanwhile, open Eclipse -> Help -> Eclipse Marketplace and find "Texlipse" plugin. Surprisingly, install it, confirm selected features, accept terms of the license agreement...
ignore this little warning by hitting Ok:

and restart Eclipse. Don't worry, we're almost there.6. You need to install one more feature for viewing .pdf files in Eclipse and you're done
7. After successful instalation of TeX, create new LaTeX project in Eclipse:
Click Next, give it any name you'd like, select an output format (PDF) and build commands (xelatex.exe). Template Article is fine -> and you can start LaTeXing! :) 

In the next tutorial I'll give you some basic hints for using LaTeX (about using templates, formulas, references and so on.)

(My thanks for teaching me this belongs to J.J. who obtained so many degrees I am not able to name them all.)